Protest Jar ‘Bejeweled Bastard Bird’

August 10, 2016

‘Bejeweled Bastard Bird’ protest jar for the AdpRiotTour.

I’ve recently worked on a piece of artwork which coincides with the recent visit to Folkestone of James Cauty’s AdpRoitTour. It’s called ‘Bejeweled Bastard Bird’ which is my comment of the nature of people who although surrounded by expensive jewellery, watches and cars, are essentially at heart, deeply shitty people. The kind of person who’d purchase a gold and diamond encrusted iPhone and blather on in conversations about helping the poor by attending a lavish charitable dinners. I’m not suggesting all people with riches are like this, there’s some incredible examples of philanthropy out there. There are on the other hand some incredibly ugly examples of the imbalance in the distributions of fortunes and they way people become peacocks. This follows on from James’s ‘A Riot in a Jam Jar’ which is a series of miniature dystopian scenes held within jam jars. Check them out.


Jimmy’s crate is visiting Folkestone through 8th August – 15th August at The Leas, Folkestone, Kent. You can find out much more about the project. The crate has peepholes all over it and if you look in you can see a disturbing scene of a post riot landscape, minus any rioters. They’ve all scarpered.

AdpRiotTour-04 AdpRiotTour-03

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