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Beach huts linocut print

December 5, 2013

Edition of fifteen ‘Three little beach huts’ printed

I’ve now printed an edition of fifteen of my beach huts print. I put the print together with some pretty vibrant colours in the end. Maybe I was thinking of some of the Summer sunshine we were all enjoying when I first started working on this linocut. Hope you like it. I’m happy to say you can now buy one of these from my site in my shop for £20 which will help me buy some ink and paper to work on some more prints.

I’ve been working on drafting up a plan for my next linocut print. Here’s the illustration of some beach huts I’ve drawn up which I’m going to start cutting and printing soon. I’ve always loved Angie Lewin’s work, this is a bit of a homage to her work. She’s amazing and you can check out her site here (it’s well worth a visit). Once I’ve printed a few of these I’ll be adding them to my shop to buy if you want one and I’m also planning to give a few bits of artwork away including a few of these prints soon. You know I love a good competition!

Work so far

I’ve taken a few photos of my linocut as I go along. In my eagerness to get on with it I did make some colossal mistakes. I managed to miss one of the roofs off one of the huts and I started cutting the wrong side of my carbon copied markings on my lino. I’m going to put together a step by step guide about how to fix mistakes when you cut lino. Watch this space for more information coming soon.

I’ve scanned in the three different layers I’ve cut and run them through photoshop to try out a few different colour combinations. I’m limited by the colour inks I have at the moment, but here’s an image of how I think I’ll print them. You might notice I made a slight error with reversing the image before I started cutting lino. Luckily there’s no text on there so I should be alright.
beach huts lino

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