Linocut boat print project

March 18, 2013

Here’s the start of a linocut boat print I’ve been working on this weekend. When it’s done it’ll be a seven colour fishing boat lino cut. I’m not so sure that a it’s such a good idea to have so many colours in one print. I’m expecting lots of problems registering the lino when I come to print them. I’ve already printed the first colour which seemed to take ages. I think I’ll have to re-think my next print and go for a less detailed design.

22/03/2013 – I’ve now printed three of the seven colours and it’s really proving to be a challenge to get all the linocuts to align and register properly. I’m hoping that of the 35 I’ve printed I’ll end up with at least a few that are ok, but at the moment I’m not too sure. I’ve managed to find a good way of drying the prints by pegging them onto our clothes horse which is proving to be a much better idea than having them laid out throughout the house waiting for the cat to tread all over them.

23/03/2013 – They are finished! It was a complete mission to get them done. I’ve realised a few things while printing these. All thngs I can learn from for my next linocut. Mainly, I think I need a press of some kind.
linocut prints hanging on a clothes horse to dry
linocut prints hanging on a clothes horse to dry using pegs
linocut boat print
linocut boat print
linocut boat print
linocut boat print

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  1. Crystal says:

    Love this!! Congrats on getting all those colors on there, that’s hard to do and keep them lined up. I personally like it when the colors aren’t “exactly” registered, I think it gives it a better graphic quality. Nice!

  2. Kester says:

    Thanks Crystal 🙂 It did end up looking a bit like a sketch. Maybe not so many colours next time though!