New etching press

August 23, 2017

My new press in its new home at the end of the garden. Its an old Art Equipment Etching Press – Model EP3318 I bought it from eBay, although you can pick up a brand new one here. It’s a heavy old bad boy which must have come out of an art college as it’s had good use.

I had some issues with the bed not moving smoothly through the rollers for quite some time but I figured out a way to fix the problem and save myself having to buy some new parts for over £150. I built some stabilisers on either side of the press and mounted them into the table I put together for the press. Now each side props up the bed and takes the weight as it moves across. Works like a charm now for about £15. The original problem was because of some worn brass guide bits.

Here’s one of the little brass supports that had worn down.

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