New Monster cards

May 9, 2013

Looking around my desk at the moment you could well think there had been some kind of minor explosion in a card, glue and felt factory. I’ve been busy recently making lots of cards to add to my site. Here’s some pictures of them. I’ve really done some small runs of them at the moment. There should be about ten in each design. Not all of the designs managed the ten as I had a few accidents with glue and ink. I’m hoping to get the time in the next couple of days to make some custom bits of cardboard packaging to wrap them into sets of 5 to sell in my shop. Check back in a couple of days and hopefully I’ll have updated this post. I decided to add a giant bushy brown handlebar moustache to the goofy yellow and red card so it’ll end up looking slightly more hirsute. If you have any ideas for more monster ideas let me know in the comments section below. If I use them I’ll send you some goodies through the post.


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