The postman has been!

May 1, 2014

The big free lino print giveaway project

So I had a plan which involved sending out some free artwork out to as many people as possible on Facebook. Well as many as I could manage to print anyhow. The offer was this, send me a postcard and in return I’ll send you a print that make especially for this project. I wasn’t sure how many people would take me up on my offer but throughout February I had a steady stream of A5 envelopes dropping through my door. At one point there were more envelopes with postcards in them than pizza and takeaway menus.


I eventually ended up with a very manageable 33 postcards coming my way which I was very happy with. They came from all over the UK and came from lots of different people. Nice to hear from people I never met before. Once the month was over I began trying to think of a suitable print to send back to everyone. I wanted to keep the illustration in a postcard style format in it’s size and subject so I settled on drawing inspiration from the seafront of the town I live in. Deal has a great pier to stroll along with fishing boats lining the shoreline so I thought it would be a great idea to add some of those elements in to my design.


It’s been a great project to work on and I think I’ll be running another giveaway later in the Summer, although I have a new slightly more ambitious plan. If you want to keep informed about when that offer will happen head over to my Facebook page where I’ll be announcing new projects, ideas and work.
My little boy thought it was great fun filling up the postbox with all the envelopes.