Violin print

August 23, 2017

I was hoping that I could just improvise and make something happen on this piece of lino. Bit of an experiment this one. I sketched away quite happily and printed a few colours without much of idea about where this print was going to end up. As it was a reduction linocut I thought it might be a good idea to print two variations just in case I wasn’t happy with the result. I discovered a couple of things while making this print. The first thing is that if you use quite a sketchy approach with Sharpie pens it starts to get really difficult to see what you’re doing and where your lines are. I also found out the remanence of the pens stay on the lino and are a pain to get off. I tried cleaning the surface with white spirit, water, soap but had no joy. In the end I actually had to sand the surface down to get the residual ink traces off. The pen marks were only really a problem because as I was printing yellow, the ink seemed to suck up the black chemicals from the pens and transfer them across to the paper surface as a grim dark ghost images. I think if you’re using dark inks you wouldn’t see it. If you have any ideas about how to remove pen marks from lino I’d really like to hear how you do it.

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